Tips to help you light your open fire or solid fuel stove.

If you have a grate/ open fire make sure it is placed towards the back of the fireplace opening. With a solid fuel stove check that all air vents are open, if a damper is fitted check that it is open.

Newspaper and soft kindling wood is ideal to start the fire. Use only seasoned wood. Do not burn wood that has been treated or that has been painted/ cardboard or any household waste.

 Place crumpled newspaper inside, place kindling wood on top of the newspaper and some slightly larger pieces of wood. Light the newspaper, the surrounding kindling should catch fire.

As the small pieces catch light and start to burn place carefully slightly larger logs on top of the fire. In the case of a stove if the air vents do not provide enough air leave the stove door open untill the fire is established.

Once the fire is established add larger logs to the fire and partially close the air vents to manufacturers recommendations in order to control the temperature.

Never overload the stove and avoid using oversized logs.

Always install a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm should be fitted as part of the installation.

Proper ventilation.
Regular cleaning and sweeping.
Always use the right fuel.
Never leave an open fire unattended without a fireguard.
Always use a securely fitted fireguard when children are in the house.